Attention to Detail    


"When you lip out several putts in a row, you should never think that means that you're putting well.  When you're putting well, the only question is what part of the hole it's going to fall in, not if it's going in."     

                Jack Nicklaus














Great Vision will Give Your Team the Strong Belief in the Ability to Execute the Plan.





Green Flag and Green Jackets

For someone known in the golf world as the Golden Bear it’s interesting that Jack Nicklaus doesn't credit his rock-solid golf swing but rather his imagination first and foremost for his success. His attention to detail allowed him to create such a real picture of what was going to happen before it actually happened.


Perhaps the greatest golf champion of our time, he was once asked about the secret to good putting and he replied, “I've never missed a putt in my mind.”


Attention to detail, strong work ethic and his belief in his ability to execute his plan were all important components, but his great imagination is what carried Nickluas' putter overhead seconds before his ball actually fell into the hole on 15 for an eagle at Augusta National in 1986. 


Nicklaus was playing five holes ahead of the Sunday morning leaders Greg Norman and Nick Price.  But when the putt went in on 15 the roars from the crowd made it all the way back to the 10th hole.


On 16 “When Nicklaus backed off for a moment, it allowed golf commentator Jim Nantz to ask pro golfer Tom Weiskopf a question about what must be going through Nicklaus' mind. "If I knew the answer to that question, I'd have won this tournament!" Weiskopf said to nervous laughter. "No, he's just going to fire at the pin … you're destiny is right here." And that is exactly what happened, as Nicklaus struck a 5-iron that soared through the air. "Be the right club," Jackie implored. "It is," Jack said, not even following the flight of the ball.”  From Bob Harig who covers golf for


Jack would go on to shoot 30 on the back side that day and win his 6th green jacket with his son carrying his bag and his mother in the crowd. In addition to one of the greatest comeback victories in all of sports, his ’86 Masters triumph surprisingly also contains other lessons; even some for our business world.